EPSON PLQ-30 Dot Matrix


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Customers and staff alike will appreciate the PLQ-30’s unobtrusive noise levels, which are as low as 55dBA. It’s efficient, too – the print speed enhancer enables fast printing of bit image data under Windows environments to help cut queues.

Low total cost of ownership
Delivering substantial cost and energy savings, the PLQ-30 has a very low standby power consumption of 4.5W. Further reducing TCO, it can print around 10 million characters in draft mode between ribbon changes.

It offers excellent passbook handling and data processing flexibility, thanks to its 128kb memory and capacity for passbooks up to 2.6mm thick.

Easy installation
Simple to install, the PLQ-30 features a choice of emulations plus parallel, serial and USB interfaces as standard for an easy fit into most IT environments.

Key Features

  • Quiet operation: Noise levels as low as 55dBA
  • Energy-efficient: 4.5W standby power consumption
  • Low TCO: Long-life ribbon
  • Flexible: Handles passbooks up to 2.6mm thick
  • Easy installation: Parallel, serial and USB interfaces


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