HDMI to Mini HDMI 0.5M Data Cable


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Product Description:
This cable has a multi-functional and future-oriented Mini HDMI connector: Camcorders, smartphones, graphic cards, and a lot of other technical devices make use of the space-saving Mini HDMI connector to transfer Video and Audio signals to modern flat-screen TVs. This cable has been optimized for the mobile sector. The diameter of the cable has been reduced to 4,5 mm. Nevertheless, the shielding stayed the same which was only possible due to the newly developed thin PVC jacket. The result is a very flexible and low-weight cable: You are not going to notice the cable while using it. Features:  The certified High-Speed HDMI cable supports transmission rates up to 18 Gbit/s and is 100% compatible with the newest HDMI standard 2.0a/b. All picture and sound types of HDMI are supported  Each and every additional function is supported. The cable is 100% backward compatible  Quality: Perfect manufacture  Very accurately fitting connectors  Corrosion-resistant golden contacts for a loss-free transmission  Extraordinary flexible  Only high-grade materials are used: Robust and high flexible PVC jacket, stable synthetic case, lines inside the cable out of oxygen-free copper Warranty & Service Furthermore, you obtain an 18 months warranty as additional security. In case you may have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time Additional cable types and lengths can be chosen via the drop-down menu.

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